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The Mortgage Kick story

The idea behind Mortgage Kick was born out of (1) necessity and (2) surprise.

At some point in 2010, we were browsing the web trying to find simple information about the available mortgage brokers in our area. We were a bit tired of all those websites with thousands of options to choose from: mortgage loans that are difficult to understand; ever fluctuating mortgage rates... After all, while it is good to be informed about mortgages, it's up to the mortgage broker to know all the details.

But, to our surprise, we didn't find any good websites that would let mortgage brokers compete for your business! There are good real estate websites, but shockingly, websites that do the simple function of listing mortgage brokers look either like they are stuck in the 1990s or like spam factories.

After several months of developing the concept, we have decided to start Mortgage Kick, a brand new mortgage website where you can find all the information you need to get the perfect mortgage broker and the best mortgage and refinance rates. We have presented the concept to several mortgage brokers and the reactions were overwhelmingly positive. This encouraged us to open up our two offices in Miami and New York City.

So, what does Mortgage Kick do? According to your information and mortgage needs, Mortgage Kick finds and all the mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders and other mortgage professionals and organizations in your state, city or neighborhood, and lets them compete for the best mortgage and refinance rates for you. In addition, we keep you informed about the latest mortgage news and expert opinions to help you get the best deals out there.

Sounds simple? Well, it is. And our core mission is to make it even simpler!

Our Mission

Our lasting mission declares our purpose as a company and serves as a standard for all of our business decisions. We strive:

  • To continuously accumulate a superior, comprehensive mortgage database of mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, and other mortgage professionals and organizations in each state of The United States of America
  • To help consumers find the right mortgage expert at the right place for their particular case
  • To inform and educate the consumers by providing current and accurate information about the best mortgage and refinancing rates, aggregating the latest mortgage news, and presenting expert opinions
  • To make the mortgage process simpler, easier, and enjoyable

Our Vision

Our core vision serves as the structure of our company, and as a guide for our business objectives.

  • To be the most comprehensive web mortgage directory
  • To provide high-quality products and to offer superior services, based on genuine needs of consumers with all kinds of mortgage needs
  • To build and nurture strong and lasting relationships, with both mortgage professionals and people seeking mortgage assistance, and between the two parties
  • To serve as the go-to web mortgage place, for everything mortgage and all mortgage related topics
  • To continuously ease the mortgage process, and make it an enjoyable, quick life errand

Our Values

Our values support our principles, guide our actions, and portray our behavior.

  • Focus on the Market: Listening, observing, learning and providing solutions based on real needs of consumers and mortgage professionals
  • Leadership: Providing educated guidance, and building a business that truly helps
  • Collaboration: Strong teamwork, and strong, lasting relationships between us and our users, and between mortgage professionals and consumers
  • Working Smart: Working efficiently, acting with urgency, and adapting to all mortgage market fluctuations
  • Integrity: Providing the most current, most accurate mortgage information, including mortgage rates, and mortgage news, and presenting genuine expert opinions only
  • Accountability: Responsibility for all of our actions, products, information presented, decisions, and policies
  • Being the Brand: Our brand is made by our people, and our people are regular folks that took an initiative to create a place on the web that will provide solutions to all of one's mortgage needs

Facts about Mortgage Kick:

  • Mortgage Kick is a kick-starter! :) We have officially opened our offices in 2012, although we have been working on our mortgage website since 2011.
  • We're headquartered in Miami, Florida with established offices in New York City.
  • Mortgage Kick has over 10 employees and has been growing extremely fast. If you're interested in working with us, please contact us.
  • We currently have a database of hundreds of mortgage brokers from all around the United State.
  • The website was visited more than 1000 times during the first month!

Contact us:

Feel free to contact us at contact@mortgagekick.com or by filling out the form below. We really like to hear your feedback, it helps us build a better website for you!

Email your questions to a Mortgage Kick Customer representative.

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